Autumn visit to Mekele

Volunteers Sarah Connell and Brian Woods were recently in Mekele for 5 weeks working on behalf of SENEthiopia, bringing some British support to SENTigray and acting as consultants in a number of fields.  As well as bringing help and support from SENEthiopia to Masho and his team, they were able to send frequent reports back to us in the UK, and we could query and respond quasi-live.  This is not the first time Sarah and Brian have been to Mekele for us; it’s a useful and valuable service, and we’re very grateful to both of them.  Their report in more detail will be on page 4 (click here).

Proclamation! The Blind School is officially a Special School

One of our long-standing goals has been to have the Mekele Boarding School for the Blind (as it’s officially known) recognised as a Special school and properly funded as such. SENT Director Masho, who is a qualified lawyer, was asked to draft a government proclamation to do exactly that, and it was formally published in October, a momentous step.  It will be a little time before we see results on the ground, but there will be no shortage of enthusiasm for implementing it.   Congratulations, Masho!

Even more Congratulations!

More Congratulations for Masho – his wife Tsega gave birth to a baby girl on 8th November – we send all three of them our best wishes.