Talking Textbooks 

Pete and Gary spent a fortnight in Mekele at the beginning of November 2016 to check on progress and help with delivery plans for the Talking Textbook project, previously reported here.  You can read their report in the latest newsletter (December 2016) by clicking here.


The Problem: ONE textbook (Braille version)


The Solution: MP3 player, holding a whole years worth of textbooks


The delivery team: Hadush (assistant), Masho (SENT Director), Aklilu (project technical director), Gary (project director for SENEthiopia)


Cycling New Zealand  

Ian Draper, our founder, leaves with his  brother on the 30th December to start cycling from Bluff in the far south of the South Island of New Zealand, heading for the top of the North Island 2000 miles away.
He is keeping a blog called “Simon and Ian go antipodean”.   You can read it by clicking on this address/link: http://www.travelpod.com/members/ianadraper and if you want to receive email notifications of new posts just click on the “get email updates” link.
This is a fun trip and is not being sponsored but if you enjoy reading the blog you may like to help us towards purchasing the 800 MP3 players we are committed to supply for the Talking Textbook project by July 2017.  One player costs approximately £35 and a link to donate appears at the top of this page.
Ian fettling up his new bike.